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Anatolia, who for centuries has received people with its hotels and baths, continues on its way without breaking this tradition ...

Our hotel, inspired by Seljuk architecture, began its journey by opening the muqarnas gate to the magical waters of the Mediterranean to offer its guests a very modern service.

Our facility, which opened in April 2007, continues its journey. Our hotel has an area of ​​30,000 m2, 425 rooms and a total capacity of 1,100 beds. A wonderful hotel on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, combining the tradition of Anatolian hospitality with a modern concept of tourism. Smiles always shine on the faces of our guests. "

Mukarnas; It is a transition and filling element that gives a three-dimensional appearance overlapping and side by side, gradually overflowing. It is an element of Islamic art that fills the interior of the half domes with a honeycomb image.


Inspired by the magnificent Seljuk architecture that has left its mark in every place, Mukarnas Spa Resort is built with modern design and architecture elements and offers you and your family a high level of comfort ...


On the Mediterranean coast, which has enchanted the world with its air, climate and deep azure sea, a mysterious dream awaits you, every moment of which will be filled with new discoveries.


A whole day of entertainment and all kinds of activities, a kids club, indoor and outdoor pools, pavilions, playgrounds and much more will work for you every day; We invite you to a holiday that you never want to end.


  • Ch-in starts from 14.00.

  • Check-out time is 12.00.

  • Pets are not allowed.

  • The use of open spaces in the facility depends on the seasonal conditions.

  • Ultra All-Inclusive accommodation starts with dinner and includes dinner until the number of nights stay and ends with lunch on departure day.

  • In case of special type of rooms, such as family room, suite room (and so on), the accommodation will not be reimbursed if any of the guests who stay will leave the hotel early.

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